Pier Concrete Pour Complete

Finally finished the pier construction with the concrete pour last evening, it came out perfect. We estimated the pour would use about 13 bags of 80-pound Quikrete, we used 12.25 bags. We moved over 1000 pounds of concrete, bucket by bucket, in 90 minutes. Needless to say I'm a bit sore today. The pier will cure in place for the next 11 days before I place the equipment back in service.

Outside Improvements

Outside improvements are moving along including repair and reseeding of the lawn from the concrete delivery. I also added solar lighting around the perimeter of the observatory with motion detection ($32 for four lights on Amazon). Later today we start pouring the pier.

Delivery Complete!

Delivery complete! Perfect working order, only two minor issues. I did not account for the height of the roof when I positioned the observatory so I will lose some southern skies. The hole in the floor doesn't match up well with the pier hole in the foundation so I'll have to cut some additional material from the floor. I'm still thrilled!

Next phase is pouring the pier, running permanent power and ethernet cables and then cosmetics.

Observatory Delivery

Delivery is scheduled for this Thursday, August 10, 2017, woot!

Pier Top Mounting for Observatory

My pier top mounting is ready for the next concrete pour. The anchor bolts will be set into the concrete pier up to the first level of plywood. The 1-inch spacer between the plywood sheets will make sure I have enough room to access the bolts for leveling the pier top. After setting, the top plywood sheet will be replaced with the CGEM Pier Adapter shown to the right (purchased from Starizona). On top of the pier adapter will rest the equatorial mount, scope, guiding scope, counterweights, and on, and on…
This all happens after the observatory is delivered in another 4 weeks or so.
Total cost on the pier will be about $325 ($270 for the CGEM Adapter). ...Tom

Pad pour, the day after.

Pad pour, the day after. Removed all the framing and the pad looks incredible! It will be sprayed down with water each night and kept covered for the next week. The back end of the pad has a "brushed finish" and will start life as being a small porch on the back end of the observatory (8x6 feet) - it will probably be expanded to be my "warm room" at some point in the future (don't get mad Jane).

Pouring Day is Here!

Pour day has arrived! I can finally start looking past the pad and focus on the observatory and pier construction.

Pad complete! Even had enough to make some steps for an entrance into the observatory. Next phase is shed delivery followed by making the concrete pier inside the building. A big thank you to my brother-in-law for all your hard work and technical expertise!