New Equipment - USB Port

Added some new equipment to the pier including a Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub with 7 USB 3.0 Ports and 3 PowerIQ Charging Ports. This port will allow me to connect up everything at the pier and run a single USB cable under the floor to my laptop. Now not a single cable runs across the floor!

09/24/2017 Notes from the Telescope

Finally managed to get autoguiding configured on the new laptop using PHD2 software package, no idea why it didn't work the other night, but it is working now. Looking forward to trying things out during the next evening out.

09/23/2017 Notes from the Telescope

Tried out a newer laptop this evening and could not get the autoguider to work, switched back to the old laptop because I didn't want to waste a nice clear evening.

Tried NGC 129 and NGC 225, both require a wide field of view so passed on these.

Decided to add data to my view of NGC 7331 - starting with 45 x 90 second exposures at ISO3200. I then collected about 45 minutes of data on the Hickson 68 galaxy group.

09/22/2017 Notes from the Telescope

Have several nice targets on tonight's list starting with a beautiful little open cluster called NGC 7510 - tried some imaging the other evening but was not happy with the results. First 90 second exposure, raw is listed below:

Other targets included NGC 40 planetary nebula, NGC 7129 an open cluster with nebulosity, and NGC 7354 a small planetary nebula.

09/20/2017 Notes from the Telescope

The observatory is open. Still having issues with the length of time it is taking to download images from the Canon 6D, I just don't understand what the issue is. Have tried three different cables, checked the camera settings, etc.

Tonight's targets include a couple quick images of M13, a small open cluster called NGC 7510, another attempt at PAL14, and some final imaging of the Bubble Nebula. All images at ISO 3200 and 90 seconds.

I am also guiding tonight using a Canon 100mm f/2.8 lens, less weight the 400mm and appears to be doing a fine job!

Raw unprocessed image of M13:

09/19/2017 Notes from the Telescope

Broken clouds tonight, but wanted to try a few double stars and Messier objects.....and test out the alignment of the mount.

17 Cygnus and 95 Hercules imaged.

Canon 6D is taking forever to transfer images....swapped out the mini USB cable and it made no difference, rebooted the laptop, BINGO, everything is working fine. Perhaps a buffer was full or something.

Next target was M57 and some test exposure with guiding. Think I found a pretty good combination of 90 second exposure at ISO 3200. Here is a single unprocessed image.